Meet Lizz


Some of my fondest memories growing up came from nature. The smell of purple lilac blooming beneath gentle sunshine. The scattered bursts of gold along a forsythia bush. The smell of damp leaves, their brilliant fall tones covered in glassy beads. Since I became a designer three years ago, I have renewed these memories in my day to day moments. It is thrilling to work with so many beautiful tones, scents and shapes.

I thrive from the process of hearing the vision and needs for your event, and translating it into a cohesive experience. One where you can be delighted by the individual flowers and entire pieces together, engaging all of the senses for the fullest experience possible. I am deeply thankful for the trust that I am given to make your dreams possible.

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Thank you for your support!

Foxglove is the culmination of a tenacious desire to learn, and the belief that creativity is a quality of all people. I believe in a process of bringing together natural products that intertwine quality, integrity, and professionalism. I have spent the past four years serving the community with other esteemed design professionals, and working closely with local flower farmers. I seek to use my knowledge to personally welcome my clients into the bountiful beauty of the floral world. 

Foxglove is located in Taylors, SC.